Virtual Exhibition

Create interactive virtual exhibitions that can meet your marketing goals just as effectively as an in-person expo! Meet, network and promote your brand at our online showcase halls!


Digitalise your product launches and maximise brand exposure with our augmented reality technology! Engage a worldwide audience at the tip of their palms.

Conference & Training

Host insightful knowledge-exchange events such as conferences, seminars, workshops and training with our virtual presentations tools. Live stream your talks (or pre-recorded sessions) and interact with your audience across the globe!

Award Ceremony

Show recognition to the outstanding individuals or brands out there via virtual award ceremonies! Customise your commemorative events and take it online!


Entertainment has an all new genre with virtual reality and augmented reality! Engage with people and create meaningful interactions with our innovative virtual entertainment features!

Virtual Hub

Work-from-Home is the new reality of today’s corporate world. Digitising your office with Virtual Hub enables your team to work effectively, side by side, all day, regardless of their location.

Considering to take your events online?

Call us now for a demo! Let’s make your next virtual event a success!

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